2014 Snapshots

Saturday, August 21

Photo Hunt – Numerical.


This weeks theme:  Numerical

I was shown this video today and because I couldn’t  find a photo for the theme I thought I’d share this instead.

there’s a lot of number in here, it’s astounding!!

(sorry I’m cheating a little this time round – okay I’m cheating a lot!! hope you enjoy the clip)

Actually as a parent of a 6th grader here we where shown this video at the parent orientation for the introduction of personal laptops for the students as just another tool for them to use in class.

I’m excited for them but I do have my reservations.  After seeing the video above there’s no denying that times have and are continuing to change, but I still think there are still many benefits of teaching and learning the old fashioned way.

I mean everything we read on google – someone must have done the research to post that stuff up there don’t you think?  I still want my kid to learn how to do research and not just type in a couple of words in google search and voila!!

How did we spend our time before facebook and twitter and even blogging?

Anyone remember??!!

For more numericals visit TNChick.


jan said...

hmm Before facebook and blogging? well i think I spent most of my time studying..heheheh

anyway nice choice for the theme..hope you have a happy weekend..

mine is up too..


see you and have a good one!

Francesca said...

I can't watch the video, my connection is too slow for that, but I share your reservations. There are some amazing machines that have saved, for example, (women's) time (washing machine) or people's lives (respirators). But when it comes to saving children's brain time during schooling I'm not sure they're doing them any favor.

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