2014 Snapshots

Sunday, August 22


IMG_0030Everyone’s asleep and I’m thinking I should hit the bed soon too.  But not before stealing a few quiet moments to myself.

I need too.

We were at church today and the message was really what I needed to hear. It’s time to move away from just knowing God in my head and starting to surrender again and letting it be a heart thing.

Life goes on, the earth will continue to spin and right now I feel I really need to get back to the basic foundation of my belief.  It’s time to get back and nurture a heart to heart relationship with God.

As I look at the clay pots in my house , I think to myself of how pretty they look on the outside even though there is nothing inside it.

It’s time for me to fill up on the inside!

hope you had a lovely Sunday filled with goodness.

1 comment:

Mari said...

Why is it so easy to let our insides go. I'm guilty too. Thanks for the wake up call!

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