2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, January 20

Corner View – My Style.

This weeks Corner View theme is My Style.

Couldn’t find a photo that would say it all for me,  so for this week I give you…….


My Style1 - corner view

For more styles visit Jane’s sidebar.


Francesca said...

You're right about the "unfussy" requirement!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

A perfect style and way of life ! I love that !!! Bravo !

marinik said...

love the simplicity :) and i love the photo on the sidebar of you with the baby and camera on hand :)
thanks for stopping by my corner too

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Sounds like you are very happy with your style. Great idea with the words. Very simply and elegantly put.

jane said...

i like your style. great idea btw! besos!

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