2014 Snapshots

Thursday, January 21



21 days into the new year and both girls have already been invited to 3 birthday parties each.  it seems like every week I’m making a trip to the mall for a birthday present.

I used to go straight to the toy stores but nowadays I go to the book shop instead and for my 10 year old it’s also board games but I’ve made a couple of trips to the body shop!

In the photo above is a book that I got for a friend of Tanysha’s.  I thought the book was just so cool I had to get one for Tanysha too.  It’s a Pop up, Pull out book.

Such a wonderful way to learn about other countries, way of life, way they dress etc, etc, etc.  Awesome book for kids I think.

picture atlasinside picture atlas

What kind of presents  do you buy for children’s birthday’s?


Mari said...

I think that's a great gift! It's been a while since I had to buy gifts for parties, but I never thought of something like that.

Francesca said...

We usually have to get presents for boys, and it's either a book (I love what you found) and/or a t-shirt we stencil. It's easier now than it was when the friends were pre-school age!

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