2014 Snapshots

Friday, November 27

Friday’s Fave Five # 35

FFF fall leaves 2

Wow, it’s Friday.  It’s been a productive week for me which has been great. And I feel like I accomplished a lot on my “to do” list.

And it’s time again to share with you my high points,  happy moments of this week.  So here they are:

1. Seeing kindness.  The women’s fellowship group  in our community had a bingo night which I heard was so much fun.  But what I loved about it was that these women raised about 20 000 baht(around about 600 dollars) from that night for Operation Smile.  I learnt that the money will go towards children having surgery done on their cleft lips.  I just love that when kindness goes a long way.

2.   Diversity.  I love being surrounded by people from all over the world.  There is just so much we can learn from each other. And I love the opportunity for children to learn about different countries.

3.  Running on my treadmill.  Yes I love running and especially that feeling after I’ve run. 

4.  Ice Lemon Tea.  From Starbucks.  And having tea with a friend.

5.  It’s never too late………… I guess.  I signed up for a piano class.  I hope I enjoy it.  I really would like to learn the guitar but I think I’ll start with the guitar.

Thanks Susanne for hosting Favorite Five.  Check out her blog to see who else is playing.

Happy Friday and Great weekend everyone!


Mari said...

I'm excited for you about the piano class. It's not easy but it's worth it!

Thom said...

I took piano when I was a kid. I hated it just because I had to take them LOL. Now I probably can't play a note LOL I don't do Starbucks at all...to expensive for everything LOL :) Great FFF. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead :)

Susanne said...

Good for you taking on piano lessons. I'd love to learn how to play piano.

Running on a treadmill gives me hives. LOL. I do admire you though. I need to find something in the fitness area that I like to do!

What a great thing for the ladies to do! I love stuff like that.

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