2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, June 9

Crazy Hair Day.

School is winding down and I can’t believe that my fourth grader has finished another year of school successfully and is ready for a break.  And so am I.

For today, her 2nd last day of school they have Crazy hair day and this was her version of crazy. Big bows and big buns.

crazy hair day

I love it – so cute!!

Yesterday they had a Pajamas & Ice Cream party.  Kids and ice cream, how cool is that – they just loved it.

DSC06810 Renee and her friends in their little tent reading Garfield and enjoying their “plates” of ice cream.

I don’t remember my school days being like this.


Mari said...

They look pretty cute and what fun!

jane said...

i don´t remember this either... looks like fun! i want ice cream...

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