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Friday, June 5

Friday’s Fave Five – # 13

 springtime FF5

I missed last week. 

And not because I didn’t have a great week because I did, but life was busy.  You know end of the school year when there is like a million and one things to do. And Oh, we also had a birthday party- which was so much fun. 

Anyway it’s good to be back.  In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about well it’s time to list five favorite things from the week.  Susanne over at Living To Tell  the Story plays host.  Click here for more details or head on over to her blog to find out what is making people happy.

So here is my Fave Five for this week:

1.  Friends – from all around the world.  I really really love the community I live in.  It is an International Community and I know that my life is enriched by these people that I have met.  Although this is a sad time here because people are moving on and that’s just how it is here, the relationships and friendships that have been made will remain with me always.  I’ll be saying bye to some good people and I’m sad but at the same time excited for them and the next chapter in their lives.

2.  Feeling Good . – Because I’ve been working out.  Doing weights and all.  There is no major weight loss(yet) and no obvious changes but I just feel good.  I feel strong.  I’m amazed at what exercising or just general movement can do for your state of mind and self esteem! 

3.  Children’s Art Work. – Tanysha had a hand in both of these class projects.  I’m so proud of her and her class.  I just think they’re gorgeous..  The first one is a bench with their hand prints and the second is a quilt.  Both items are being auctioned off.  The money goes back to the school and their community.bench

Quilt 2 

4.  Family coming to Thailand.  My sister in law arrived here on Tuesday.  It’s wonderful but even more so for my husband.  He is very close to his sister and so it’s nice to have her here with us.  She is here for a conference for her work but it’s wonderful just to have her come and visit and stay with us is great. 

5.  My son turning a year older.  It’s was just another day for him but for me, well it’s hard to believe that the time has just flown by.  I’m blessed.  Not lucky, blessed.  I believe children are a gift and I am so very very thankful for mine.


I just have to throw in a 6th one……..

6.  The Lakers winning game 1 of the NBA Finals – Yes I’m a baller and I love the LA Lakers!  I’m rooting for them to win it all this year.  Last year was disappointing so I hope they go all the way this time.  The win this morning (last night in the US) made my day. 

Let’s go Lakers – only 3 more wins away. 


Have a happy Friday and a great weekend everyone.



Pamela said...

Hi Kari, it's Pamela from Corner View. It's great to see you here at Friday's Fave Five as well! Great list - I know just what you mean about friends - we are a Navy family so there are always new friends coming into and old friends leaving our lives. Sometimes we run into them again at another duty station, but sometimes not. It's nice to have a blog and Facebook to keep in touch.

Tanysha's class's artwork is just beautiful. I love it when the children use their handprints, footprints and thumbprints to make artwork. What an adorable picture of Joshua - Happy 1st Birthday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

ellen b said...

Hi Kari,
I enjoyed reading your 5 this week. It must be so interesting to be in an International community with people from all over the world. Your little guy is so darn cute! That's a great picture of him. My niece was at the Laker game last night. Have a great weekend.!

Susanne said...

Happy birthday to your big boy. He is sooo cute!

Love, love, love that bench. What a neat idea for a garden or porch bench. Hope it raises lots of money for the school!

Exercise does make one feel better, doesn't it? Why do we so avoid it? LOL.

Thom said...

Hau`oli La Hanau to that beautiful little boy of yours. And when you say an international community it is also like that here on the blogs and I'm very grateful for that. Your daughters artwork is fantastic. Good for her. Glad you are working out. That's always so healthy for ya. And enjoy your family. I'm glad you are back with this :) Aloha my friend and have a great Friday and wonderful weekend :)

Kathleen said...

That artwork is gorgeous! And your boy is SO cute! I hope you have a great week :-D

Jerralea said...

Great post, Kari, and we missed you last week! We're all kind of a community here at FFF. I've got to say that the FFF gang are the best commenters of any meme I participate in!

Anyway, I love, love, love that bench! I'm wondering how I could adapt that idea over at my place...

Your baby boy is sooo cute! Enjoy him - the years fly so quickly...

I knew you were going to say something about the Lakers!

hip chick said...

Great Friday five's. I love that bench and I'm thinking that perhaps I could make one for myself and get all my grown children to make one for me.

jane said...

LOOOVE the bench... sounds like a great week. have another one this week! your posts make me smile:)

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