2014 Snapshots

Sunday, May 24

Soy Milk really doesn’t smell.

Okay so in my last post I said something about the smell of soy milk. 

And it’s true.  It was the smell of soy milk that made me  not want to give it a go.  But that was the smell of the Soy S26 baby powder formula not the normal Soy milk.

Tanysha had eczema when she was a baby.  A really bad case.  She would have breakouts which were just so horrible it would break my heart to see here skin like that.  Today she still has eczema but only a very mild kind.


Anyway so because of it it was suggested to me that I change her milk  from the regular s26 to the Soy s26.  I was willing to try it.  In fact I wanted to try anything to make the  itching go away and the redness of her skin disappear.  Anything.   But when I opened the can of Soy formula I couldn’t do it.  The smell was so disgusting  I could not bring myself to make her a bottle of milk with something which to me smelt so horrible.  I couldn’t get past the smell.  And  so I never did.

So when I say that Soy milk smells, I mean the powdered stuff.  I never changed her milk.  She grew up so I stopped the formula and it did help.

Today though like I said she still has eczema but only very mild.

For which I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

I think I would do what you did myself. I couldn't force a child to eat something I couldn't stand. I'm glad she only has a mild case. Very good. What a cute baby picture :)

Francesca said...

I had to have soy milk for a few years, and it does smell. To me It smells of not-edible cardboard. I never got used to it, and eventually decided to do without milk altogether.

Mari said...

She was a beautiful baby! Her eyes are gorgeous!

Kari said...

not-edible cardboard - that sounds interesting.
I guess it's some soy and not others.
Sorry that you decided to go without milk altogether.

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