2014 Snapshots

Friday, May 22

Friday’s Fave Five - #12

 springtime FF5

Yippee ….. it’s Friday again.  I think to make it to the end of the week is reason in itself to be thankful.  But here’s 5 more for good measure.

1.  At the top of my list has to be the Lakers making it to the Western Conference Finals.  After 7 long games against a good team, and getting me worried because I just didn’t know which Lakers team would turn up, they made it through.  Now we have to get through this series .lakers-logo

2.  My son is now taking a couple more steps, than he was last week.  His legs are getting stronger and his coordination getting better.  He’s getting there and it won’t be too long till he’s walking.  I’m excited about it but I’m also aware it’s going to be a very busy stage.


3.  Approved Visas.  Oh yes and now I can start counting the days till we get on an airplane.  Did I tell you I love planes?  I always feel anxious when submitting paper work for visas.  You just never know whether or not they’ll be granted.  But I got our passports back this week and I’m excited.  Can’t wait!!


4.  Friday Nights Out.  And tonight we will be sky dining .  Thankfully we don’t have problems with height.  I hope to share more pictures later.

vertigo dining

5.  Trying something new.  Yes I tried soy milk .  I’ve never had soy in my life.  I think it’s the smell that has always turned me off but I got past that this week and tried some.  The verdict: I think I’ll be making the switch.  Especially if all the benefits are true.  Yeah to soy and yeah to getting past bad smells.  I don’t know if I can do the same for Durian though!

soy milk

Have a great weekend everyone.  And thanks Susanne for hosting Fave Five.


Barbara H. said...

Your son looks so thrilled with his accomplishment!

Glad your visas were approved and hope you have a great trip!

I haven't tried soy milk -- I should since regular gives me problems. I'm not much into milk drinking anyway.

Happy Friday!

Susanne said...

Look out world. They'll be no stopping your boy now! :v)

I've never heard of sky dining. Looks like something I'd love to do.

Two of my kids love soy milk, my other one says it tastes like hay. LOL. I asked her when was the last time she ate hay. :vD We can actually get soy milk mixed with fruit juice here and that is really, really good. And no smell.

Jerralea said...

Sky dining looks cool, but I could never try it. I'm afraid of heights ...

Yay! on your little boy reaching the milestone of walking. Look out world!

I'm not ready to try soy milk, yet. :)

Willow said...

We always keeps our passports up to date and ready at hand, cuz, you never know where you'll be going, right? Does your little one have his?

Oh the joys of those first steps!

I like almond milk and rice milk better than soy, but soy ice cream is yummy. Durian? Ewwww...

Thom said...

Your son is so handsome. Cute little boy. Glad the Lakers are moving on even with Kobe Bryant on the team LOL. I have never tried soy milk, just plain old fashion cow's milk. Have a great weekend and wonderful FFF.

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