2014 Snapshots

Monday, May 4

Papua New Guinea – Land of the Unexpected.

bilum International Day is this Thursday so for this week I thought I’d share some about my home country, Papua New Guinea. 

Firstly let me explain International Day.  This  is a day when the countries represented in our school are showcased. Parents work  together to put up booth/stalls of their country to share interesting things about the country.  It’s a wonderful time of learning and experiencing different countries not only for the children but parents too.

So Papua New Guinea (P.N.G) is an island and is home to some 700 Papuan and Melanesian tribes and languages.  Yep we have over 700 different languages.  I speak at least 2 which are different to what my husband speaks.  Unfortunately my kids don’t speak neither my husbands or my language.  They understand a little,  but not enough.  I’m still working on it.  It’s important to me because for me language is an identity.

Anyway our closest and more known neighbor is Australia which on a map you will see  is below us and to the left of us is Indonesia.  We actually share the same border with Indonesia.

So to start of this week I thought I’d share this video that I found on you-tube.  Here you will get a glimpse into a few of the 700 different tribes of P.N.G. and our dances.  I hope you enjoy it.

Well I hope you stick around with me this week and take a sneak peak into my island, my country – Papua New Guinea.

Tomorrow I will share a little about the village I am from, my language and the different faces of Papua New Guinea.

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