2014 Snapshots

Monday, May 9

another late corner view and my count towards 1000

I’ve been so bad with my weekly appointments of corner view.(sorry Francesca!)  Life has been busy but I hate that I’m saying that because it sounds like an excuse.  So here I am to post my CV even if it’s late.

Last weeks theme was “by the sea”.  I was so looking forward to the theme because well I think it was just perfect for me, living in Thailand and all. But I didn’t show up (on time anyway) – but here I am.

By the sea….I always have one happy little boy.


something else I’m not showing up for consistently, my count towards 1000……. right now is when I have to do this.  With life being so busy I get caught up with just going through the motions.  So it is now that I should stop, breathe and appreciate the things happening around me..


# 21- # 40

Thank you for;

21.  rainy days

22.  conversations with my mother

23.  laughing with my siblings

24.  the splashing of the cool blue pool water

25.  school parents working together

26. helpful people at the Singapore Changi airport –especially when you are trying to get a message to someone

27. lychee season

28. watching my kids play with their Aunt and Uncle

29. my mom who enjoys sewing and is making tote bags to sell

30. Papua New Guinea coffee

31. Renee getting an A on her math test

32. meeting new people

33. a husband who loves me

34. coffee ice cream

35. sign language – I watched someone do the signs to a song of Praise

36. acrostic poems

37. charity’s that have financial support and people who give their time

38. adoptions and granted visa’s

39. my kindle

40. happy children.

what are you thankful for? Do share!

Happy Monday.

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