2014 Snapshots

Monday, March 7


I’m joining in on the fun with Francesca's week of colors.

today’s color is pink.

  I’ve never really been a fan of pink but I must admit it’s a very pretty color.


typical Thai side street – with street vendors under pink umbrella’s. 


pink flamingoes – I never knew they are pink because of what they eat! (picture taken back in 2004 at the San Diego Zoo).


a friends baby – pretty in pink!


and pink flowers around the lake – so pretty!

I guess it’s not such a bad color after all!

Wishing you a colorful week!


Francesca said...

Thank you for joining in Kari! What kind of pink do flamingo eat then? :)

kari said...

Francesca, I learnt that the flamingoes diet consists of a lot of shrimps and that the color change happens gradually.

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