2014 Snapshots

Monday, March 7


I’m joining in on the fun with Francesca's week of colors.

today’s color is pink.

  I’ve never really been a fan of pink but I must admit it’s a very pretty color.


typical Thai side street – with street vendors under pink umbrella’s. 


pink flamingoes – I never knew they are pink because of what they eat! (picture taken back in 2004 at the San Diego Zoo).


a friends baby – pretty in pink!


and pink flowers around the lake – so pretty!

I guess it’s not such a bad color after all!

Wishing you a colorful week!


le blÖg d'Ötli said...

A color for joy (and not only for girls)... Have a happy week. Enjoy.

And yex, "how quickly" our children grow up! You saw that yesterday, three babies... today, two adults and... and teen!

Francesca said...

Thank you for joining in Kari! What kind of pink do flamingo eat then? :)

kari said...

Francesca, I learnt that the flamingoes diet consists of a lot of shrimps and that the color change happens gradually.

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