2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, February 9

corner view–favorite actor

it’s hard for me to just pick one actor, because I don’t just have one, I have many. And there are many because I love movies.  I love going to the cinema getting popcorn and soda and then getting involved in a story and being transported to wherever it may be……

I loved Shawshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.  I also enjoyed Invictus with Morgan Freeman again and Matt Damon. Another movie I really enjoyed was the Other Boylen Girl. 

Here’s a trailer if you are interested:


But for today’s corner view I’ll pick one…. and right now that actor would have to be Johnny Depp.


I liked him in his 21 Jump Street Days and I still like him today.  I love how he doesn’t just fit into one particular type of movie but that he can do so many different things. Remember Edward Scissor hands? (not one of his best but still!!)

I’m looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean 4.


thanks Skylar for the theme, thanks Theresa for hosting. 

Want to see who the CV favorites are start with Theresa.


cate said...

oh yeah! love him, too. it's hard not to. beautiful AND talented? oh, and soulful. that's important. nice pick.

Theresa said...

GREAT films, Now I have another to rent. And Johnny Depp is so rad and unique. :)

Skylar said...

Gotta love Johnny! So quirky and fun! :)

likeschocolate said...

It is hard to pick one, but he is definately a good actor.

Francesca said...

I love going to the cinema too, pity there aren't any around :(

tanïa said...

He's amazing! My first meeting with him was in Cry Baby and I fell in love with him shortly after in What's Eating Gilbert Grape...by the way, in this film Leonardo DiCaprio also had his most impressing appearance!

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