2014 Snapshots

Thursday, January 13


random photo’s from these last couple of days(more photo’s over on my other blog)


Today…………… Joshua had an awesome day at school, Renee’s soccer team was defeated badly and Tanysha is over the moon that she’s now able to ride Renee’s old bike to school.

Tomorrow……….I’m buying birthday presents for the parties that my girls have been invited too, having coffee with a friend, and also getting a massage.

Yesterday ……………… I overheard a high school kid telling his friend that someone called him the ‘N’ word (really??!, It made me sad), made my first ever Greek salad and I wondered why I’ve never tried it before and was happy to see that our Starbucks nearby has reopened after being closed for a month for renovations.

Hope your week has gone well!


not too sure how to acknowledge or respond to comments from my post yesterday so I’m going to do it this way for now;

Tania, I hope to make it someday to Germany!

Ian, you’re right Korea is not too far away.  maybe this December.

Francesca, the Hill Tribe villagers do make a living from their gorgeous crafts. I learnt that it’s tough because they don’t have many tourists going into their villages so they are happy when groups of people go there.

oh and by the way did anyone notice the baby in the first picture?

1 comment:

Francesca said...

Thanks for the reply Kari, and for sharing these happy photos of your kids. I see you have a photographer in the making :)

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