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Wednesday, January 12

Corner View - Winter

Happy New Year CV Bloggers!

It’s great to be back at corner view.  I trust you all had a lovely Christmas and holiday break and are now rejuvenated for the new year.

So today’s theme is Winter – well gee that’s a pretty tough one for me right off the bat.  As you know in my corner there is no winter!   I’m not a cold person and so that suits me just fine.

I’ve never seen snow falling from the sky and have no idea how it feels when it’s falling.

So like I said there is no white winter here but we do experience cooler weather around December and January and we enjoy it immensely because we know the heat is just around the corner, and she won’t be too kind.

Don’t really have any wintery photo’s from Thailand except from our recent trip to the mountains where we met some Hill Tribe villagers.  I’m sure Dec/Jan is when it’s the coldest for them up in the mountains.

And it’s all about the layers. 

These women are from the Lahu Shi Balah Tribe.


For more winter cv’s visit Theresa’s sidebar.


Joyce said...

Very cool photos! Ouch I would think the large cage in the women's ear in the first photo would hurt. In the second photo I like the jewerly the woman made. So... in a nutshell I like your winters! xo

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i can't hardly imagine not to ever have experienced snow; wow, that is something!

tanïa said...

Beautiful and colourful winter in your corner! I would love to have such a little bracelet like the woman has in her hands in pic 2! If you have never explored winter I invite you to come to Germany next december, but you have to bring really warm clothing!! :)

Valerie said...

happy new year, too !
these portraits are beautiful !
i love their jewels, they make me think of some similar in Morocco.

Maybe one day you'll experience the silence of the snow falling, white & cold... i hope you will. we don't get much snow here in Western France and not every year, so we enjoy it fully when it comes :)

Ian said...

Great photos. You really must experience the joy of falling snow one of these days. Korea's not so far away from you, and there's plenty there.

l i s e said...

love the colors!
nice photos

jgy said...

Gorgeous photos.
I have often thought that "Winter" should be called "Layers"!


Francesca said...

I hope those Hill Tribe villagers are making a good living selling their beautiful crafts.

Dorte said...

beautiful pictures, Kari. I hope that you will experience falling snow one day :)

cate said...

lucky you! i wish that we lived somewhere that winter didn't touch. the hats are my favorite layer here, but clothing in general is really pretty and colorful.

Karen said...

Beautiful portraits. Such vivid colors. Love the little one sleeping in the first photo.

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