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Friday, December 31

Friday’s Fave Five # 63


Well this is it, the last Fave Five for the year.  I know I’ve been away from here for a while but here I am for the last one for the year.

Thanks Susanne for Fave Five.  it’s a good exercise to look for our blessing whether they are big or small in our lives..  I’ve only been that occasional participant to Fave Five but I’ve come across some great people and it’s been fun reading their blogs and counting their blessings too.

This weeks been much fun and it’s hard to pick just five, but I’ll try.  But here they are;

1. Travelling.  Tonight while having dinner with my husband we were talking about the week we just spent in Chiang Rai and we realized that we’ve done quite a bit of travelling this year. – not only in Thailand but to other parts of the world.  I’m grateful that we are able to travel as a family. 


2.  Cool Weather.  I’m not a cold weather person but this week that we spent in the mountains was wonderful.  I enjoyed having to wear layers for a change!


3. Rare Opportunity.  Our trip to  Chiang Rai allowed us to visit the long neck tribe people. I must be honest and say that I was excited to be able to make this visit.  I’ve seen a couple of documentaries on these people and have always been fascinated by them and to finally be able to see them, was awesome..  A lot of thoughts have been going through my mind since visiting but I’ll share them in another post.  Otherwise I’m thankful for these opportunities that I have.


4. Pretty Flowers. I love flowers and what simple joy it brings to my heart.  The King’s mother’s garden was very pretty to see and it just made me happy.


5.  The holidays.  I enjoy these days when there are no schedules and no plans -  just relaxing and being. I love it.


Well I hope your last week of the year has been a great one.

For more FFF visit Susanne!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that shot on the beach. How lovely and relaxing everything looks. Traveling together must be a great horizon-expanding opportunity for you all. May there be lots of it in the new year!

Jerralea said...

Kari, what gorgeous pictures! I love the steam rising over the pool photo, and also the last one.

You indeed are blessed to travel and see God's handiwork!

May 2011 be a wonderful year for you and your family.

Susanne said...

Love your pictures, Kari, and I'm so glad you were able to join us for the last FFF of 2010. Hopefully, you'll be able to join us again in the New Year.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Gattina said...

You are lucky ! such a warm and colorful post is good for me sitting in the cold snow, lol!

cindy said...

Family travelling a fun time. Your pictures are so colourful I especially like the gold Christmas tree.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I've lived in very hot places and know what a relief it is to not feel hot every single minute.

Willow said...

I love your photos, Kari! I feel like I'm right there in the pictures, traveling with you.

I'm looking forward to reading more about your 2011 travels in the months ahead :) Happy New Year!

Francesca said...

Hope you can travel some more as a family this year. Happy 2011!

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