2014 Snapshots

Thursday, December 30

Chiang Rai

We’re back at home after a couple of days in a much cooler place of Thailand.  Chiang Rai was beautiful and the weather made it that much more enjoyable.  We spent 2 days with a tour guide who showed us many places.  We visited the King’s mother home, The White Temple, the Black Temple (art gallery), some of the Hill Tribe villages, the gates to cross over to Burma, the Mighty Mehkong River, Laos and of course we also enjoyed watching the elephants bathing.  That was probably the highlight for my kids!!

Here are some photos……IMG_0158the view in the evenings from our room..IMG_0109The King’s Mother’s garden – her home in the background. IMG_0230 The White Temple.IMG_0268IMG_0310The Black Temple (art gallery)IMG_0056Hill Tribe villagers.IMG_0025IMG_0015morning fog from our room looking across to Laos.IMG_0128.Elephants bathing.

We don’t have plans for the New Year. It’s just another day, I guess.  Except of course the another opportunity to start over.

Thailand is gearing up to welcome in the New Year. 2554 on the Thai Calendar.  Christmas celebrations are not that exciting here for the Thai’s welcoming in the New Year, there will be many parties going on with fireworks and also releasing of many lanterns.


Francesca said...

Kari, what special places and people, and unique trip!
We don't have any particular plans for tomorrow night either, just a nice and slow paced dinner. Happy New Year!

Mari said...

What a beautiful place!
Happy New Year to you. We will be going out with friends which is an annual tradition.

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