2014 Snapshots

Friday, September 10

Friday’s Fave Five 59

FFF blue I love Friday’s.  I always have.  I’m thankful that I got through the week and then of course the anticipation of the weekend and what’s around the corner.

And of course it’s that time of the week again.  Time to reflect on the good things for the week.

Here’s my five:

1.  Biking.  My kids are still recovering and so I’ve not been able to join the serious bikers.  But I have managed to get some time for myself and bike around the lake.  These pretty flower made me happy, even on an overcast and muggy day.


2.  Old letters and the memories.   I love reading through my old letters.  Letters that I received while I was at school and college. I was looking for some papers this week and I came across the letters.  And so I sat down and went down memory lane.

3. Big Hearts.  The church we attend is planning a trip to a refugee camp on the border of Thailand and Burma in October.  For this trip we’re collecting stationary items that the children can use for their classes. Yhis week I noticed a  family donated close to a thousand exercise books.  It’s just such a wonderful thing to see when people give, and give big. There are  many good people out there.

4.  The Pool.  It sure is the quickest way to cool down in the humidity. I’m ever so grateful for it.


5.  My rocking chair.  I bought this chair for 5 dollars back in the US at a yard sale.  I sent it in to be re-upholstered2 weeks ago.  They told me it would take a month but I got it back yesterday.  I’ve fallen in love with it all over again.IMG_0016

Well that’s it.  I hope you had a great week.  Thanks again Susanne.  You’re a great host.


Barbara H. said...

I've been coming across old letters and mementos as I've been unpacking from our move, and it is such fun. So far I have just been piling them all in a stack, but at some point I want to figure out how to organize and keep them.

The generosity of folks is such a blessing.

The flowers are pretty, and the chair turned out so nicely!

Islandsparrow said...

The chair is gorgeous Kari! I love it.

I'm reading through old letters this week too. It makes me a little sad somehow - but I think it's a good sad.

The pool looks very inviting!

God bless your church for being so generous!

Happy weekend!

Conny said...

What wonderful fabric you choose for your favorite chair! I love it!

Jewel said...

That's a beautiful chair! And a beautiful pool! AND a beautiful flower! It's a good discipline to notice the beautiful things in life around us. :)

Those givers have big hearts! I am always attracted to kind people.

Jewel said...

That's a beautiful chair! And a beautiful pool! AND a beautiful flower! It's a good discipline to notice the beautiful things in life around us. :)

cindy said...

That is a very nice chair, and nicer that it got finished faster.

Your pool picture looks inviting :-)

I love old letters, I guess I"m not the only who keeps them. Memories it is all part of...

ellen b said...

Your photos are so lovely! Generosity is contagious. God bless those people. I enjoyed reading your favorites!

Laura said...

I'm with you -- I love stumbling over old letters.

That pool looks SO inviting! Have a great week!

momma24 said...

Nothing can replace reading letters of yesteryear. The treasures they hold are so precious.

I am jealous of the pool. I could feel the cool water lapping over my shoulders and imagine the weightlessness of it. aaahhh!

Susanne said...

I love the material you chose for your rocking chair. So fresh and lovely.

The pool looks very inviting!

laura said...

The chair truly looks fab, Kari!

Francesca said...

I'm sorry all of your kids got sick! That is unfortunately one of the problems with going back to school. Happy weekend!

Willow said...

These are great faves! I love the chair--it's beautiful. And the pool - oh yes, perfect for cooling down quickly (we did that in Phoenix last weekend). I hope your kiddos are better soon so they can join you on your bike rides.

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