2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, August 24


pretty in pink So  I’m not in bed yet, and it’s so lovely and quiet cause everyone’s  asleep.  The girls are getting back into their routine and I think the busy days at school has them exhausted.

Anyway I’m up and  I'm thinking about tomorrow and what bible study to pick for this Fall’ Encouraging Woman’s Fellowship. (okay we don’t have Fall in Thailand, but for some reason we follow the American calendar). There’s 5 studies to choose from and only 15 women allowed in each group.

these are the bible studies:

1.Answers to Our Deepest Questions
2) The Patriarchs:  Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
3) Calm My Anxious Heart
4) Lord, I Want to Know You
5) Becoming a Woman of Prayer

they all look like such great studies but since my Sunday post I’m leaning towards either the 1st or 4th one.

We’ll see.

I’m also debating what to wear tomorrow.  Our theme is pretty in pink so I’m thinking maybe I should wear something pink…gosh I don’t know.

I should really get to bed.

How was your day?

1 comment:

Francesca said...

That's way you don't sleep well, too many thoughts at night:) I'm too tired at night think, but I love getting up early in the morning, and that's when I enjoy the house while everyone is asleep.

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