2014 Snapshots

Thursday, August 12

Movie and Cake.

toy-story-3 We’ve been waiting for this movie since June.   And today we were  finally able to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D.  It was great movie. The kids loved it and my husband and I enjoyed it too.

Makes you see toys in a whole different light!

The girls  also made a cake for Mother’s Day.  it’s my second one the year – Mother’s Day that is.  It’s the Queen’s birthday today so in honor of her and all mother’s this day is designated as Mother’s day.

Like I said it’s my second one for the year and I got a card, some money to spend and a cake.


Today was such a lovely day.  Hope your having(or had)  a great Thursday too.


Francesca said...

How sweet is that, a cake made especially for you by your girls! Someone once left a comment on my blog mentioning toy story 3, and how it was about revisiting childhood in a nice way - I hope to see it at some point! Happy mother's day!

Emily Young said...

What a darling cake!

I watched Toy Story 3 a couple of weeks ago... it definitely made me think of my old toys in a new way
: )

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