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Friday, August 13

Friday’s Fave Five # 55

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Happy 100th Post for Friday’s Fave Five!!  That’s so awesome.  Well done Susanne.  It’s a good thing to practice, finding those things little and big blessings that make our week a little brighter.

Congratulations Again.

Here are my Five for this week:

1.  Smooth start.  Although it was a short week (we had a holiday yesterday) it looks like the girls have had a wonderful start to the new school year.  Tanysha loves 1st grade already and Renee is reveling in her new independence.  Not everything has worked (like lockers, id cards etc) but otherwise it’s been a great start.

2.  Phone Call home.  I spoke with mum and my sisters and brother this week.  I always enjoy hearing from them.  And I’m happy to know that they’re doing okay.  Mum misses Dad of course but all her grand children keep her company and busy.

3.  Old friends and New ones.  With the start of school everyone is back.  Our community is alive once again and it’s been great to catch up with everyone and meet new people too.

4.  Cream Cheese Icing.  Oh it’s so good and so bad for me at the same time.  The girls made me a cake for Mother’s Day and put cream cheese icing on it.  Not such a good thing since I’m counting calories but I can’t help myself!!

5.  New Beginnings. I love a new school year.  Not only do  I get excited for the kids but I get excited for me.  An opportune time to  start a new again.  New things to learn, new commitments to make and the list goes on and on…I might share it sometime later.

What made you happy this week? Share with us over at Living to Tell the Story.


Melissa said...

What a wonderful list! I can understand about the new school year being a fresh start for everyone, and I can relate about cream cheese icing. :)

hip-chick said...

We don't start school here until the end of the month. I love this time of year!

Susanne said...

It's always a good thing when a school year can start quite smoothly. Sounds like you're off to a good start.

I've no self control when it comes to cream cheese icing. So good!

Thanks for being a big part of FFF, Kari. It's been wonderful getting to know you and reading about your life in Thailand.

Sherrie said...

My baby is 41, but I can still remember the thrill of the new school year starting. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Willow said...

My life still seems to run on the New Year is really the beginning of school time. It's so ingrained in me and my schedule. It's great that the girls are loving it!

Brenda said...

New school years are always exciting times. And cream cheese icing. . . I love the stuff too!

Karyn said...

It always seems to me that the beginning of school is the beginning of the new year - even if the calendar does not agree.

I'm with you on the cream cheese icing!

cindy said...

Your right there is something sweet about cream cheese icing.

Everyone gains when the kids are back in school.

Friends are there just at the right times I find.

momma24 said...

Oh yeah on the cream cheese frosting! we love it here. :) I love the start of school too...all the new school supplies!! lol

Jaeyde said...

Agreed on new beginnings. I see autumn as that time as well. :) My husband and I are getting ready to move and we're taking the chance to start fresh on some things during the transition.

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