2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, July 6

Still Raining……


It’s still raining here and we’re trying to keep ourselves busy indoors.   Actually my kids are keeping themselves busy while I’ve been on the road fighting the traffic to get to where I need to to submit application forms for visas.  the paper work required for a visa is so crazy these days and I wonder  why they ask for so much information, like bank accounts for my kids!  Now don’t you think that’s a bit crazy? (I guess it’s a different world today)

Anyway we diligently provided everything they requested and now we just wait…… and hope that we can travel….

here BIG BEN5and hereeiffel Tower

I’m hoping for good news by the end of the week.  my fingers are crossed!!

(images from google – except for the first one.)


Francesca said...

A trip to Europe! As a European, I always thought that only non european countries made it really difficult for foreigners to get visas! Hope the process goes smoothly!

Mari said...

Oh, how exciting! I hope the paper work goes through quickly. Sounds like a wonderful trip!

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