2014 Snapshots

Thursday, July 1

Oh July…..You’re here Already!

DSCF8339Anyone else feel like this year is just racing by?   I can’t believe that 6 months are done, and now six more to go. 

Where have the days gone too?

Many things have happened the past 6 months, the roller coaster that is life, but every new morning that I am blessed with  I have to be thankful.DSCF8338

Happy July to you and you and you.

(both of these photo’s I took are of the road driving to my village back at home…..I’m a little homesick today.Thinking of my mum and dad).


Francesca said...

I just lost my comment ...
Your home village is also in a beautiful location. It's evening over here, and it feels like this day just rushed by. Where did it go? Sometimes it's really hard to slow down.
Happy July Kari.

Mari said...

I can't believe it's July either. the year is flying by!
Your home village is so beautiful. Our Dr is there right now - at least he's in Papua New Guinea. He's there on a bird watching trip. When he told me where he was going, I said - I have a friend who is from there! He's going to take lots of pictures to show me!

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