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Friday, July 2

Friday’s Fave Five # 52

FFF spring

I hope you all had a great week and love Friday’s like I do. I also like looking back on the week for the highs  and lows and everything in between.

If you are wondering what Fave Five is click here for details or head on over to Susanne’s @ Living to Tell the Story.

Here are my Fave Five’s for this week.

1. Learning about cultures, traditions and getting some hands on experience is what I love about the opportunity I have to call another country home. We went to a place called the Rose Garden where we were able to see a little into the village life of the Thai people.IMG_0363IMG_0386 milling rice – it’s hard work.IMG_0437A Thai wedding.  The bride and groom recline while well wishers line up and pour water on their hands blessing them and offering the some advice.IMG_0448    Bamboo dancing after the formalities of the wedding.  It was a fast dance, very fast.

2. Loosing weight.  I hit a plateau in my bid to loose weight and have been stuck for a while.  I was close to  giving up but this morning I stood on the scale and woohoo I lost 2 pounds.  I did shake things up this week.  I did shorter workouts but they were really intense. I go flat out, almost to the point of throwing up.  It’s what the “experts” call interval training- going flat out for a minute and then resting for a minute.

3.  Thank you for today mum.  This week I signed the girls up for a tennis lesson,  just to try it out.  they didn’t want to go but I made them. And whenever I’ve made my girls try something new well it’s almost like they’ll say no, just because I made them do it. But I was pleasantly surprised when they said they enjoyed it very much and would like more lessons.

4.  Reading.  My kids wake up about an hour later than they normally would (because it’s the holidays) and it’s that time that I’ve set aside for myself.  If I’m not working out then I’m reading.  This week I’m reading another Sidney Sheldon book and also doing a bible study by Elizabeth George.  It’s time I really need to myself or else I think I’d go crazy.

5. Black Currant and Strawberry tea. I’m loving this tea.  it’s  refreshing in this heat.tea

Happy weekend!


Faith said...

wow...I am so impressed that you are in Thailand...I am assuming you are doing missions work? How exciting...I've always wanted to see that country....LOVE your pics and how neat that in their culture they do the hand washing with advice....interesting! Yay for daughters who like what you signed them up for! Mine tend to be the same way!
Enjoy your Bible study and novel....Elizabeth George is a good writer....

momma24 said...

What lovely pictures of the wedding.

Congrats on the weight loss-I need to get inspired!

Susanne said...

It's amazing what changing up your exercise pattern a little bit will do. Congratulations! I admire your discipline to stick with it.

How fun to experience all that Thai culture. I love doing and watching stuff like that too, and what a great thing for your kids to be able to experience in their lives.

Hazel said...

Despite having a Thai wedding I never knew the groom and bride recline during the water-pouring. I sat :) Great culture learning here.

Jerralea said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Thanks for sharing about a Thai wedding. It was very interesting.

I would go crazy if I didn't have some quiet time to read, too!

Dee said...

When I still had children at home, I always thought of that time before anyone else got up as the magical hour....when I could just sit and read or pray or listen to the sounds of the world waking up and feel like the world was all mine. I loved it. Glad to hear that you are enjoying some of the special time for awhile. Have a great week.

Cacahuete_sr said...

such beautiful traditions! and that tea looks yummy too :)

nikkipolani said...

What an interesting place to visit and learn at the Rose Garden. And congrats on having a little more time in the mornings :-)

Karyn said...

Beautiful photos....for the Saturday post as well as this post.

Two of my kids have been to Thailand at separate times - both absolutely LOVED it!

Hope your visas come through with no hitches!

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