2014 Snapshots

Friday, April 9

Thrown Off.

Tuesday was a public holiday here in Thailand so I had planned and prepared for that day, but the girls have been home these past 2 days too because of a ‘state of emergency’ that was declared here in Thailand. and because of that declaration the school closed for safety reasons.

DSCF5910 red shirt protestor in a cab

Well having school unexpectedly cancelled really threw a wrench into my daily routines, but thankfully nothing is set in stone and we just went with the flow. 

Obviously because of the protests “downtown” Bangkok is definitely out of bounds so we stayed close to home, swam, watched TV, biked around the lake and did some cleaning up.  I can’t believe that I also managed to get Renee’s dress and mask sorted out for the “Father-Daughter Dance” that’s in May. I’m a big time procrastinator so I’m glad I got this done.

DSCF5968 It’s times like this that I’m thankful to be a stay at home mum.  I didn’t always feel that way about being a SAHM. But I’m grateful.

Well the weekend is here.  And today the girls school holidays officially begin.  It’s also Songkran – Thai’s New Year so we are expecting lots of splashing with water in the next couple of days.  it’s always fun.

Happy weekend friends. Stay safe.

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