2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, April 7

Corner View “Vending Machine”

Welcome to Corner View!  Thanks Jane for hosting this wonderful way of travel around the world.

Some afternoons I take the kids to the lake and they get to feed the fish.  But not the ‘normal’ way.  By normal I mean by handling the bread or fish food and throwing it into the lake.

Instead we use this vending machine.  DSC07640 The machine only takes coins so here are my girls searching my wallet for a 10 baht.DSC07638

DSC07641Once the coin goes in, the food comes through the blue pipe….. DSCF5276And here come the fish.    DSCF5268

The fish are big and wild.

The kids love to watch the fish and are always on the look out for the biggest one.

for more vending machines from around the world, visit Jane’s sidebar for CV participants.


Mari said...

I've never seen that type of vending machine - very cool! Those are some big fish!

la ninja said...

ha ha ha, fab.
those fish look wild indeed but I bet the kids love 'em.

kim said...

oh, how cool! what are those fish? love your kids - so cute!!! thanks for stopping by, kari!

Jodi said...

Oh that is so funny. I love it. We did that this winter when we were in FL. CRAZY to watch them go at it. Thanks for visiting me. The kids did some easter eggs I've got to post. I'll let you know.

natsumi nishizumi said...

Woow, that's fun! really fun! I would love to try and feed them..

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