2014 Snapshots

Thursday, April 29

Broken Pot

Remember my front door…… DSCF5227  see that pot with the bamboo sticks in it……….. well this is what happened to it yesterday.

It broke!DSCF7620 The heavens opened and there was a heavy down pouring of rain accompanied by some very strong winds that the pot just fell over. 

There were many branches and some trees that fell over.   There was a big clean up today!  And on top of that there have been  power outages throughout the day and in this heat and humidity that’s never a good thing. You’re better off spending your time at a mall!


I’ve kept the pot for now, I’m trying to think how I can re-use it . It’s a pretty big pot.

Any ideas?


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...


A sunshine award for you ;)
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Anonymous said...

Hi Kari,
I know you can get a hammer and smash it (wearing goggles, of course, to protect your eyes!), covering the pot with a towel, and make something mozaic out of the pieces....A walkway, a table top, or to cover up a concrete step.... That's all I can think of! And it sounds like a lot of work! Too bad. It looked so pretty with the bamboo.
Have a fun day!

Mari said...

Looks like quite a wind, and it was such a neat looking pot! I've got no ideas though - sorry!

Mary said...

That was a beautiful pot! Since I'm sure you'll be moving at some point, it would be a great idea to make something out of it that you can take with you. Not sure what, though! It looks beautiful there!

Jewel said...

Kim's idea would be very pretty! It was a gorgeous pot.

On Friday night our storms here (you know, in the armpit of the States) were so bad that a few things fell off our walls. I slept right through it!

natsumi nishizumi said...

Oh no! It must be a strong wind... is there any way that you can fix your beautiful pot?

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