2014 Snapshots

Sunday, April 25

A Late Photo Hunters


DSCF2225 right now my addiction is to spicy hot food. 

When we first came to Thailand I couldn’t handle the spice of the wonderful Thai food but as time has gone by I find myself having to have every dish with a little if not a lot of spice. 

For more addictions head on over to TNChick.


Jewel said...

Ahh look at those peppers.. too much spice for me! hehe

Susanne said...

Look at all those yummy peppers! That is certainly an original one I haven't seen yet in this theme!

Theresa said...

I have tons of these peppers in my garden, way more than I can cook with. Now they are drying and I need a recipe of something to make with them that I could store in the freezer. Any ideas? I am thinking of an Indian pickle. :)

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