2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, March 23

Corner View “Typical Architecture”

Thai architecture is very distinct and very traditional. 

I’ve seen both extremes.  From a very simple Thai stilt home to some of the most extravagant, colorful multi-tiered rooflines with ornamental decorations and crafted gold-adorned Buddha images.

DSC06915-r1First glance of a temple like this one above I always thought it to be representative of the typical Thai temple,  but after visiting some of the temples around here and also some of the ancient ruins you learn that  “typical Thai architecture” at some stage had been influenced by the cultures of  Burma, China, Khemer, Sri Lanka and India – countries that surround the Thailand border.  And many of these temples reflect those influences.

Anyway of  the places I’ve visited so far here in Thailand there is one place that I’ve remained in awe of and it’s the Sanctuary of Truth.

Here are some of my photos.

Since August 07 016Since August 07 018-r1The reason why this place amazes me is that every sculpture you see has been hand carved. Since August 07 030   minus the people can you see the carvings in the back on the wall.Since August 07 019

Since August 07 009Since August 07 071I’m guessing that many of the workers work all year round because not only is this a job of a skilled carver but the building is also right near the sea,  so you can imagine what the salt water in the air does to the sanctuary. 

For more “typical architecture'” around the world, visit Jane’s sidebar for other corner view participants.


Puna said...

I think now I understand why my eye is so draw to this intricate patterns. I was raised around them! Thank you for the look!

Joyce said...

Amazing the talent of the women and men that create these masterpieces. xo

Francesca said...

What skill! Do you happen to know what kind of wood it is?

Angie Muresan said...

The detail is amazing!

Theresa said...

Unbelievable. To think of all of these people hand carving all of that intricate work, the meditative states they were in in the activity of artmaking, and what it is for -- a temple. So much concentrated sacredness.

Victoria @ Hibiscus Bloem said...

Such detailed buildings. It must take the craftsmen / women so long. Lovely pics to share.

Valerie said...

this is very impressive especially the woodcarving ... they do such a wonderful job!

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