2014 Snapshots

Saturday, January 16

Photo Hunters: Jiggle


This weekends theme: Jiggle

This was a difficult theme but I found a picture.

After confirming the definition of jiggle – which is:

a slight irregular shaking motion or the act of causing something to move up and down (or back and forth) with quick movements

I thought well jelly fish jiggle don’t they?  And I’m sure if they were to sting me I  would be jiggling.

IMGP3307photo taken back in 2005 in San Diego.

for more photo hunting check out TNCHICK.


Manang Kim said...

Jelly fish, they definitely jiggles which so nice to look at. Happy weekend!

My jiggly critter

Mari said...

This is the best jiggle picture I've seen yet!

Thom said...

What a wonderful jiggle picture. Very clever :) Have a great weekend :)

Francesca said...

I think you might be shrieking, or so did my boy! You took a beautiful shot, I've tried on several occasions (at the aquarium) and never succeeded.

upto6only said...

lovely jelly fish.

happy weekend

Bull Rhino said...

Great take on the theme! This was a tough one but yours was just right.
Drop by and check mine here.

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