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Friday, January 15

Friday’s Fave Five # 41

FFF snowflakes

It’s Friday and I’m thankful it is.  It’s been a busy and full week and I’m tired.  But in the midst of it all there’s been much to be thankful for.

Thanks Susanne.

So here’s my Fave’s for this week.

1. This quote:

“Gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for and the universe cannot and will not open up and give you anything else or better until you become grateful for what you first have…” – Lisa Nichols

can I hear an amen!! And that’s why I think doing this Fave Five is such a wonderful thing to do.

2.  I’m going to be an aunty again.  I got some wonderful and exciting news this week.  My sister is expecting her 2nd child.  She already has 2 boys (the older boy she adopted when they thought they she could not conceive) and now she’s expecting again!!  I’m so happy for her.

078 (2)these are my sisters boys dressed for the Independence celebrations at home, PNG. (the boys are hoping their new addition will be a girl!)

3.  I’ve lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks and I’m stoked!! I’ve been debating whether or not to get some help in terms of a personal trainer but I think I learnt a thing or 2 the last time I used one so I thought I’d give myself a chance and do this by myself.  And it’s working!!  I hope to keep it going.

4.   A good first week at school.  Yes the girls started school again this week after a long break.  They did well.  I thought we’d have some problems with waking up in the mornings but all went smoothly.  No cranky kids!

5.  A box of cherries, fresh New Zealand cherries from my landlord.  It was so kind of her to come by and visit and she bought these for us.  Oh they are so so yummy! I’m scrambling for some recipes with cherries in them before we eat them all.  Any ideas??

cherriesmy apologies – it’s not the best photo.  I took it from my i-phone.

sorry but I’ve got  a 6th one:

6.  I got myself a dress.  click here if you want to see it. 

Want to see who else is playing visit Susanne and Living to Tell the Story.

Happy Weekend.


Thom said...

What a wonderful FFF and congrats to you and your sister. Great news. Loved the photos. Have a wonderful weekend :)

ellen b said...

Well done on dropping 2 pounds. Congrats on the new miracle little one on the way. That's a great photo of the handsome boys!!
Have a good weekend...

Mari said...

I'm excited about the new baby coming! The cherries look yummy and I'm glad you got the dress. (Especially since you lost 2 pounds!)

Laura said...

Congrats on those pounds.

I clicked and saw the dress -- so cute!

And about your sister -- a girl would be nice, but from someone who has FOUR sons, a bundle of boys is a wonderful thing, too!

Enjoyed your list!

Islandsparrow said...

Congratulations to your sister on her pregnancy. Her boys are cute!

And congrats to you as well for losing 2 lbs. I'm working away at it too.

YOu're making me hungry for some cherries. I love them!

Cute dress!

Susanne said...

Congatulations to your sister! Exciting news for your family!

And congrats to you on the 2lbs.

allrecipes.com usually has some good recipes.

Jewel said...

Congrats on your weight loss and congrats to your sister!

We had a few in common considering we both talked about our sisters, the first week of school, and a quote! HA.

Hazel said...

I hope you get a niece this time, as your nephews are wishing for a sister. Amen to gratitude!

storyteller said...

I love the Lisa Nichols quote about Gratitude ... it's so true isn't it! Congratulations to your sister on her pregnancy and kudos to you on your weight loss. Those cherries look delicious!
Hugs and blessings,

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