2014 Snapshots

Saturday, January 23

Photo Hunters: Balanced


This weekends theme:  Balanced.

I’ve got 3 photos for this theme.  I just couldn’t decide.  But their all pretty balanced – i think!!

Firstly the copy cat,

Since August 07 132 trying her Chinese martial arts move!!

then the gymnast

DSCF1466trying to stay on the log

and lastly, well it’s an elephant again.

you just got to love these animals!DSCF2419 I’m always amazed at what they are able to do.

for more photo hunting click here TNChick.


Francesca said...

You always come up with some amazing shots. I'd love to try that log catwalk! What a beautiful place.

Mari said...

These are all great shots! I wouldn't want to be on that log - I would end up in the water!

Alice Audrey said...

What a happy little copy cat. So cute.

Holy moly on the elephant!

Susanne said...

Your daughter is one brave girl on that log!

And I love the martial arts ones. That turned out really cool.

The elephant is amazing.

Ida Nielsen said...

Oh, what a cutie on the first picture. And the elephant: wow, just wow!!

Ritva said...


Bull Rhino said...

She's a little doll in that first one. The second one makes me nervous, it would be very scary to fall from there and it is amazing that the elephant can traverse over those ropes. I always enjoy getting around and seeing the different views of this weeks theme. Yours is cool!
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