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Friday, January 22

Friday’s Fave Five # 42

FFF snowflakes

I’ve had a full week, but a good one.  I’m thankful that it’s the weekend. Although this weekend we’re busy with a soccer tournament and a birthday party. 

If you are new click here for the details of  Favorite Fives.  Thanks to Susanne who is our host, you can find her at Living To Tell the Story.

Well here’s my five:

1.  Good friends.  I’ve met many people, and know many by name.  And then there are those people whom you immediately make a connection with. I’m sure we all have those people in our lives.  Well this week I had lunch with 2 dear woman and I’ve become very good friends with them in my short time here in Thailand. They brought lunch – Thai food of course and I baked for them.  It was wonderful.

2. Good customer service.  I had to send some documents home through DHL this week and  was impressed with the service I received.  It’s sometimes difficult here  with the language but we managed to understand each other and all was done smoothly.

3. Corporate sponsors. I’ve been busy trying to secure sponsors for a gymnastics competition that's coming up.  It’s always encouraging when we get positive responses.  I am so so grateful.

4.  Massages.  Oh these are always great and to get an aroma massage during a busy week was just perfect.

5.  Orchids and water lilies . I got myself some orchids this week to brighten up my house and a water lily to put near my hose where the water seems to be always leaking. (I hope to get it fixed soon).

DSC00084 DSCF2743 I hope you all had a wonderful week.

And now have a great weekend…… you deserve it!


elizabeth said...

What gorgeous flowers! And your massage comment reminded me that I need to see if the chair massage lady is busy tonight - there really is nothing like it.

Francesca said...

What's that first flower? It's beautiful! DHL here always calls me before delivery, and tries to talk me into going to pick up my stuff at their offices!!!

Thom said...

Beautiful post my friend and I love the flower. It's just wonderful. Have a great Friday :)

Jewel said...

The water lily is beautiful!!

An aroma massage.. mm.. sounds wonderful! Enjoy your next one for me!!!

Susanne said...

The colors on the flowers are amazing!

I love massages and I think I am well due for one! :v)

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