2014 Snapshots

Friday, December 11

Friday’s Fave Five # 37

FFF snowflakes

I hope you all had a great week, whatever you did or didn’t do.

Here’s my 5  favorite things that made me happy and thankful this week.

1.  Phone call from home.  I’m excited for them and their plans for Christmas.  It would be nice to be at home now with family.

2.  Morning walks around the lake.  I walked by myself one morning  but on another morning I had a buddy and it was a so much more fun.  It sure does beat the treadmill!!  Thanks Laura.  We should do it often huh?!

3.  Christmas Gifts.  I was pleasantly surprised this week with some beautiful serving bowls and baked brownies.  I was blessed.  Thanks Lek!

4.  An invitation from Tanysha’s  teacher to join them with their visit from the Thai Craft Organization.  I learnt something today.  I’m so  impressed with how  they use recycled paper to make some very creative stuff.  to read more head on over to  learn with Room 120.

DSCF0687From this   DSCF0725to this…

here are some more examples of recycled paper crafts.

DSC06352  DSC06400

5.  Dear husband is away this weekend for work.  No it’s not a favorite that he is away from us, but I am reminded that we are blessed that he has a job and that we are living here in Thailand for right now because of this job.

Thanks Susanne for hosting this wonderful Favorites. To see who else is playing visit here.

Happy Weekend.


ellen b. said...

Hello Kari! Your fave 5 are all great. Phonecalls, walks, gifts and learning something new...
All good things to be thankful for.
Hope the weekend goes well despite hubby being gone :0)

Willow said...

Walking with a buddy is certainly more fun! All your faves are things I love so I'm cheering for you. Thankful for jobs, amazed at the ingenuity of people (I have a recycled paper necklace made in Uganda), and thrilled with perfect gifts.

Jerralea said...

In these uncertain days, it definitely is a blessing to be employed!

Those paper crafts are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Those paper crafts are just wonderful. And nothing better than a good walk :) Great Friday my friend. Have a wonderful Friday :)

Lisa notes... said...

Those crafts are simply amazing. I don't think my fingers could make those.

Glad you got in good walking time. What a blessing to have a friend to walk with.

Brenda said...

I love all of those crafts out of recycled paper, how fun.

So sorry you can't be home for Christmas, that is hard.

Susanne said...

I love going for walks with friends. Not only am I getting in some exercise but the fellowship is so precious.

Wow, to those keychains made out of the book. That is incredible.

Bowls and brownies. Sounds wonderful to me.

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