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Friday, December 4

Friday’s Fave Five # 36

FFF snowflakes

I hope you all had a wonderful week.  I did and I’m hear to share 5 things that made my week a happy week.

Thanks  to Susanne for hosting Fave Five.  By the way I love the new banner.  We don’t get snow here in Thailand but it’s great to imagine!!  If you’d like to see who else is playing click here.

1.  Long distance phone calls.  It was so great to speak to my dear friend Carrie –Ann.  I finally managed to catch her at home.  I know she was busy cooking dinner for her family but she was gracious enough to hang on the phone with me.  I of course had just sent my kids off to school and was having breakfast.  We were on the phone for a while but it was so worth it. 

2.  This book “Best Friends, Worst Enemies”.  I borrowed the book from the Elementary school learning hub.  It was from the parents collection and I’m so grateful for books like this.  I really am.  It’s great to be have some help when it comes to understanding the social lives of our children.  That’s not such and easy thing to do.  .


3.  Eating for a good cause.  There was a Thai Food Fair this week at the school and of course I went with some friends to grab a plate of food and just have a good time together.  Of course all the money goes to charity.  Oh how I’m loving Thai food. 


4.   Joshua’s health.  JJ had a doctor’s appointment this week and it was great to hear the he is growing well.  He had to get a shot which is never nice for the both of us.  But we made it through the night without much drama and today well he’s back to normal.


5.  Long Weekends.  Tomorrow is the King of Thailand’s Birthday and so Monday is declared a public holiday for Thailand.  And I love long weekends.  It’s something to look forward too.

Happy Weekend.


ellen b said...

Hi Kari! Yippee for your long weekend! Enjoy. What a little cutie Joshua is! Our first born son's name is Joshua, too. He is 30 now!! Ya know I love to eat and if I can eat for a good cause that's even better :0)

Carrie said...

Have a great extended weekend then!

That book looks really interesting. I'll keep it in mind.

And a little off topic but - I love your blog header!

Lisa notes... said...

We haven't seen snow in Alabama in awhile either.
Phone calls can be wonderful--glad you were able to catch your friend and enjoy the time.
Glad JJ is growing healthy! He's adorable.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Thom said...

I love your new header and Joshua is just adorable. :) What a great week you had my friend and I hope you have a wonderful holiday :) I bet there will be plenty of yellow going on :) Have a wonderful week ahead :)

Francesca said...

What a nice season banner! I can spot a made in Italy Benetton top on your boy (what are the chances of it actually be made in Italy?!)

Hazel said...

Oh, I almost forgot -- long weekend for us in Bangkok! Hurray!

Joshua is so huggable! Look at that grin! That books sounds very helpful, and thai food is most probably one of the things I'm going to miss when I leave Thailand.

anna said...

that book sounds really interesting! Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

Long weekends are something to look forward to, as is good Thai food! Sounds like a good week.

ROSIDAH said...

Hi Kari! I'm glad to read that you had a happy week. Thanks for sharing. I love Joshua's smile. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Jenna said...

Totally random, but I love your header! Very cute! :)

nikkipolani said...

Mmmm! Thai food for a cause :-) So nice that you were able to chat with your friend, even if only for a while.

Ann said...

What are you doing in Thailand? Are you in Bangkok? Went once and love it.

Happy Thai' king's birthday.

I went to celebrate with the Thais's here in New Zealand.

Took heaps of photos.


didn't post them all.

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