2014 Snapshots

Sunday, September 20

The Banyan Tree.

As promised here is the post about the picture below.  I know it’s almost a week but here it is.

Like I said this is a common sight around Thailand where  large gold silk material is wrapped around a Banyan Tree.

This particular tree is in front of my husbands office.


So after asking a couple of my Thai friends I concluded that there are 2 main reasons:

Firstly by wrapping the tree they are effectively saving them.  Marking sure that they that they are not cut down.

Secondly there is a strong religious connection.  90% of Thais are practicing Buddhists.  So the Banyan tree is very sacred symbol.  It is believed that after attaining enlightenment,  Buddha sat under a Banyan tree for seven days absorbed in his newfound realization.


Up close, it really is a beautiful tree.  It’s an evergreen and is easily identified by it’s aerial roots which hang from it’s branches.   I love the leaves – they are broad, oval and a glossy green.  It also provides great shade.

Personally I think it’s a great way to save a tree by wrapping it. 


mindingmomma said...

Thanks for posting about the wrapping, I was wondering since you first put up the photo!

jgy said...

Amazing tree and beautiful way of thinking about saving a tree.
Thanks for enlightening us about it!

Demara said...

from a distance it looks like a bouquet!

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