2014 Snapshots

Thursday, September 3

Mummy He Can Speak English Too!

Both my girls are learning Spanish this year and last week during Back to School Night I learnt that all Spanish classes are in Spanish.  No English is spoken!!

Both girls are enjoying it very much.  Last week Tanysha told me that she really likes her classes even though she does not understand a single word .  Yesterday she came home amazed to learn that her Spanish teacher can  speak English too! 

I thought it quite funny that she was surprised that her teacher could speak English.

I’m glad they are enjoying their lessons.  I thought they would be overwhelmed because they can’t understand much right now but they are loving it.

I may need to take a few Spanish lessons myself so we can converse at home.



likeschocolate said...

What a fantastic opportunity. We are raising our boys bi-lingual and I have one who is completely fluent now.

SeleneG said...

This is absolutely the best way to learn how to speak a language. I am fluent in English and Spanish with no classroom instructions. I was raised in the environments.

I took two years of boring classroom French language instruction from a thick book and today couldn't order a hot dog in Paris.

I know a soldier who was stationed in Germany and tried to learn German from book in a classroom and didn't get very far. He then enrolled in a class taught by Germans to foreigners from many countries and the only language spoken in that class was German and with no think text book only a picture book. He became fluent in the German language.

Listening to a language while not being distracted by rules of grammar or spelling is the way to go. It is the way we learned our native language, naturally.

I am proud of your children and love the beautiful image at the top of your blog page.

converse speak said...

I think this is the best for learn speak language too!! I agree.

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