2014 Snapshots

Thursday, September 10

Love – Hate Relationship

I have this love/hate relationship with Bangkok …… when it comes to getting to and from places because of the traffic.   It just gets to me.  I hate to have to travel for an hour sometimes even more just to get downtown.

But today I had planned to get out and go do something for myself (not my kids) so I decided to go downtown to checkout the American Women’s Club Thrift shop and then onto Hemisphere Home Furnishing. 

Everything was going smoothly until about half way there when our smooth travelling was halted by the traffic. Oh how I hate the traffic in Bangkok.  It’s so congested and so unpredictable.


No matter how well I plan my travels downtown the traffic is just  unpredictable.  I always make sure I have a good book or a couple of magazines with me because I know I’ll be idle for a while.  It’s horrible.  Even after 2 years I’m still not use to it.

Anyway to make matters worse today  – I couldn’t find the Thrift Shop so I’ll have to go another day, but thankfully we knew how to get to the other place. 

And I guess the furniture pieces made it a worthwhile trip after all.  But I still don’t like it – sitting in traffic that is. 

Who does anyway?

1 comment:

Francesca said...

I passionately hate sitting anywhere waiting - traffic, doctors office ... no magazine or book will ease frustration in those situations.

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