2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, September 23

Corner View: Out the Car Window.

Here are some pictures for this weeks Corner View.   The theme - “Outside the car window”. 

I’ve complained many a times on this blog about the traffic here in Bangkok but for this weeks theme – sitting in traffic was actually a good thing. 

Oh and before I share my pictures let me reveal a little bit more about me and my life here in Thailand.   I, actually we (my family) have a driver.  The company my husband works for discourages us from driving. So they provide vehicle and driver.   2 years into this assignment I  still haven’t decided whether i like having a driver or not.  I will share about this in another post…. someday.

Anyway so here are my pictures.  these pictures where taken on our way back from downtown Bangkok.

DSC06906 DSC06910

Motorcycles – and many of them.  It is the quickest way to get around. (if you are daring enough)




Temples.  And there are temples everywhere. 

Reverence for the Buddhist faith is very strong in Thai culture, so there are temples (wat’s – as they say in Thai) everywhere be it in the city or village.   These temples are here to serve the society. And also great tourist attractions.


The toll – before we get on the expressway home.


The view from the expressway (it was  a clear day) home.

So there it is.  My pictures outside my car window.

For more Corner View check out Jane’s sidebar.


kim said...

it's SO exotic-looking!!! wow - you always have these really killer headers!!! LOVE this one! have a fun day, kari!

Liz said...

Love the photos of all those motorcycles... so cool to see more of Bangkok..

Francesca said...

I can imagine it'd be a big daring to ride a bike in heavy traffic. I personally dislike driving, and would welcome anyone who'd it for me!

Lisa notes... said...

Oh my. Such a different view from all around the world. I love the line of motorcycles and the colors and symmetry of the temples. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

likeschocolate said...

What a beautiful view! I don't think I would get tired of looking at that; especially the temples they are so colorful.

Mulot said...

I love colors, impressions, this beautiful temple and this blue sky ... I am right in the middle of a trip !

Cris said...

such a beautiful view!!!

A Captured Reflection said...

I just love your photos, you always capture the theme so perfectly. I think I could get used to a driver, I don't actually like driving very much as I have a gift for getting lost.

Inna said...

The temples are beautiful! And wow, so many motorcycles! It was great to see more of Bangkok. :)

Ma life à moi said...

Thank you for this ride so interesting!

Tess said...

Such beauty surrounds you there. The temples are gorgeous. The expressway reminds me of the Los Angeles Interstate Highways.

n a t s u m i said...

These temples are gorgeous and look like castles...
There are lots of temples in Japan too but they are more simple and less colorful... Thank you for sharing!

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