2014 Snapshots

Saturday, August 15

It’s so hard to stay on track….

It really really is.  Especially when you have visitors.  

My sister in law and her work mate arrived today from P.N.G  and will be in Thailand for the next couple for weeks for a course.  And as we do with all our guests we decided to take them downtown to show them around and have some lunch……. well not a very good idea especially when I’m counting calories.

Anyway  my counting got a bit fuzzy at lunch time and by the end of the day well it just went out the window. 

I feel awful, I’m disgusted with myself.  I know it’s only one day but now I’m worried that tomorrow I won’t be able to forgive myself and refocus. 

I know I have too but it’s always hard.  My clothes fit well (and so does my belt!!)  so I can’t let one day pull me down and keep me  down.  I’ve lost a total of 4.5 pounds since I started a month ago so I am doing something right?

Anyway here is what I had for lunch today….


mini tacos and

DSCF7426 apple crumble with warm custard.

The Apple Crumble was delicious.  I can’t deny it.


Brenda said...

Your food looks delicious! But you are right, it is hard to stay on track when you have visitors!

Francesca said...

Kari, I feel sure that tomorrow you'll be back on track, you sound very determined! You only had MINI tacos, and in my view the apple crumble counts as fruit:)!

Kari said...

thanks for the encouragement and your view on the apple crumble.
made me smile!!

n a t s u m i said...

Oh, they look so yummy... I would love to try apple crumble with warm custard!! Love the name!
I hear you... It's hard to stay on track when your have visitors.. I will have a visitor in two weeks... I'll see...

Have a great week! ox

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