2014 Snapshots

Friday, August 14

Friday’s Fave Five – # 21.

springtime FF5

Thank you Susanne for this great way to look back on our week.  I can’t believe that you have been doing this for 49 weeks.  That is awesome!!

So here are my five for this week;

1.  A Great First Week of School.  So today marks the first full week of school for the girls and I’m thankful that it has been a good one. It’s a little difficult for the girls to get up in the mornings for a 7.25am start but I think that will eventually happen without them being too cranky.  Otherwise both girls have settled in well.


picture taken after school at the kindergarten playground.

2.  Being with Positive People.  They really do make a difference.  Just their energy and outlook on life. These are the people that I need to surround myself with often. I met some people like this and it was wonderful on so many levels.  Their lives are not perfect but just their attitude is encouraging and refreshing.


3.  Less Clutter.  I’ve been at it like a mad woman and I can really see the difference.  It’s such a great feeling getting rid of stuff.  But I think the biggest satisfaction is knowing that someone else is able to make better use of the things that I had just sitting in my house collecting dust.

4.  My clothes fitting better.  And my belt too.  Oh yeah it can go one more notch.  It’s an awesome feeling.  Again the scale isn;t moving much but I’d rather heavier pounds of muscle than fat!! Although I think the other great thing that is happening  is my mentality that this in not just a diet but it really is a lifestyle change.  I get off track some days but I take a deep breath, refocus and make sure that my next choice is a positive and healthier choice.

5.  And finally, (I have to include a food/dessert) –and that is  New Zealand Natural Ice Cream.  Oh this is a delicious ice cream.  I love it.  I can’t have too much though, but what I do have is just heavenly.

family-tub-full picture credit – google.

I hope you all had a happy week.

Happy Weekend!!


Susanne said...

The girls start at 7:25? In the a.m.? Oh my but that is early! What time are they out?

Congrats on doing so well with the exercising! It is thrilling to start seeing results.

I made me laugh that you had exercise and ice cream in the same fave fives. But I guess if you're diligent about one it's okay to indulge once in awhile in the other. Hmmm, I know there is a lesson there for me. LOL.

Lisa notes... said...

I so agree--being with positive people is SUCH a pleasant thing. I wish everyone could be that way (including me!). It's great that you're continuing to make progress toward reducing clutter. I meant to do that this summer--oops.

Barbara H. said...

Our school doesn't start til next week, and though I am going to miss the laid-back summer days, I think getting back into a structured schedule will do us all good.

Good work on the exercise!

I love de-cluttering, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh school is upon us. The girls are great. So cute my friend. You can bring your mad woman style over here and clutter free my room LOL. Congrats on the belt size...and of course ice cream...mmm mmm good. Have a great Friday :)

Marg said...

Being positive has such an edge.
It's amazing where it can take us.
I fell of the track also, but am working to bring it back...It's so hard.

Brenda said...

How do your clothes fit better if you are eating ice cream??? ;) Sounds like a good week. Good for you for combating the clutter!

Jerralea said...

Kari, I love, love,love that new pic in your blog header!

Great FFF list. I have to say, I lean more to the ice cream than to the diet!

Cris Siqueira said...

looks like you had a great week! and being with positive people is just amazing. hope girls get used to wake up early. i when i was in school, i used to woke up 6 am, it's not that good!!
hope your weekend be great!!

ps. I left you an award at my blog: http://anacrisabreu.blogspot.com/2009/08/bird-and-awards.html

There's no need to pass it on, unless you want to but it's only for you know that I love your blog!!

n a t s u m i said...

Looks like you had a great week! The photo of flowers are so pretty. Are these flowers real? Just gorgeus!

It's getting hot again in NY... New Zealand natural ice cream is so attempting..

Have a great weekend! oxox

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