2014 Snapshots

Tuesday, August 25

Here’s Another Reason why I love Him!

I have a great man for a husband.  He’s funny, reliable , thoughtful and he sure knows what makes me happy………. internet connection!!!

Yeah baby!  I thought I would be offline for a couple of days but my dear husband has made sure that I am connected.

I can’t stay long though (because I’m exhausted) but I  wanted to share a couple of pictures from my very very busy day but a very exciting one for us.  

IMG_0755 Joshua’s  fingers reaching for the keys.


front door to new house.


back at the old house – packing boxes.


my room being packed.  workers disassembling bed in the back.


Back at the new house – my mattress making the trip up to it’s new home. 


waiting for bed to be assembled.  I had to make sure that all the beds were done today.

Anyway that’s all for today.  We have the other half to move tomorrow.  I’m tired and  my feet are hurting but I’m happy. 

Happy that this day finally arrived and is now gone.

But happy indeed..


Anonymous said...

I am excited for you too, happy unpacking!ck

Francesca said...

Oh, Kari, what a beautiful spacious house! I understand now why you couldn't wait to move:)
PS Those are the prettiest movers cardboard boxes I've ever seen!

malo said...

Oh, this house looks beautiful. And so much space. And your husband sounds like a great one to know the important things. I have one too. They are the best! Happy moving and settling to your new home.

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