2014 Snapshots

Friday, August 28

Friday’s Fave Five # 23.

springtime FF5 

Oh I’ve had a very busy week and I’m really looking forward to just relaxing this weekend.  Thanks Susanne for hosting Favorite Five.  It’s an awesome way to look back on our week.

If you’re wondering what Fave Five is,  click here for more information.

So here are my five for this week:

1. A moving company that will not only pack and move you but will  go that step further and unpack every box and help you set up your new house.  For this,  I am truly thankful.  I don’t know anywhere else in the world where a moving company will do this, but I have learnt that in Thailand this is a service they provide. – Unbelievable!!  

2.  My most basic needs are met.  Me and my family.  We have a roof over our heads, beds to sleep in at night and food to eat. We are blessed.  This move reinforced that.

3.  Walking to and from school.  I am loving this a lot.  My kids are not but I am.  To get out in the morning and walk is just a beautiful thing. 

4.  Back to School Night.  I always look forward to this night at the beginning of the school year.  It’s great to revisit the elementary schools vision, meet new parents to the school and formally meet the girls teachers and listen to how they will work with our children and how we can help.

5.  A Hug, a hi-5 or a handshake.  These are the 3 different ways that Tanysha’s teacher say’s goodbye to them at the end of the school day.  I think it’s a neat thing to do with the kids. I’ve asked Tanysha if she’s every asked for a handshake?

I hope you had a great week.  And here’s hoping you have a happy weekend.


Jerralea said...

Wow, I can't imagine a moving company that unpacks for you!

I'm glad you included our basic needs met. That is definitely a fave for sure, and one we should always be thankful for!

Brenda said...

How nice to have a moving truck that unpacks as well! And how nice to walk back and forth to school. I loved it when I could do that.

Susanne said...

Wow, a packing and unpacking moving company. What a great help that would be!

It sounds like your girls have fun teachers.

likeschocolate said...

Glad everyhting is going well with your move. Moving can be so stressful. Good luck with your new adventure.

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