2014 Snapshots

Saturday, July 25

Okay Slow and Steady…

So I kicked up the ante this week with my exercising schedule.  Now I mean really picked it up.  3 days of weight training (and my trainer made me work, really hard) and the other 2 I do an hour of Billy Blanks Ultimate Boot Camp.  I’m so thankful I invested in these  videos like 4 years ago.  Yeah you could say I kicked it up a notch.

Unfortunately though I think my body has  gone into shock and is in “hang onto that fat” mode.  Don’t let go!!!

Yep after another week I lost 1.8pounds.  Only 1.8.

Oh well I still feel good.  I’m sleeping well, and generally I just feel better.

I’m going to keep at it even if the scale isn’t so encouraging.  Anyway isn’t it just number? 

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