2014 Snapshots

Wednesday, July 29

Corner View # 16 – Best Kept Secret.

Corner View this week is “Best Kept Secret”  Well it won’t be anymore after this post!!!

So the Diplomat/Ambassador in me wants to share my home country of Papua New Guinea because it really is a land of the unexpected.  With over 700 different tribes with as many languages it is a unique place.  And to me is the “Best Kept Secret”.

But for today and for this corner view I want to share something I learnt so long ago and to me really is a “best kept secret”.

And so here it is -

The best kept secret to being happy ………

Being Content.  Contentment.

No matter what, no matter where – if you are content, your happy.

And who doesn’t want to be happy?

DSCF6292 (this is me and my son – I think his face say’s it all for me)

For more secrets visit Jane.

I’m having fun with Corner View but now it’s time for a break. 

But only a break from Corner View but not a break from visiting all you wonderful people who participate in Corner View.  I’ll still be around.

Looking forward to September!!


Cabrizette said...

That's a good way to heaven !!! Your son makes me smile too !!! Well be happy ! Bises

Cris Siqueira said...

his face really says everything you want to tell us: he looks so happy... so beautiful!!!
and you are so right: contentment is the key!!!

have a great day, you and your beautiful and happy children!!

caitlin said...

Oh so sweet. What a lovely take on this subject. He is darling.

Dorte said...

So sweet ... your son has such a lovely smile!

Erin said...

Oh, how sweet he is! Learning to be content is something I have only just recently discovered.. and it does indeed bring about happiness!

MODsquad said...

Right on!! I completely agree!!

Papua New Guinea... beautiful place & beautiful people!

Darling photo... love that smile!!

Happy Day!

Francesca said...

This is a very wise secret, thank you!

Jodi said...

great smile, who couldn't smile with their feet in the water and being supported my their mom. great shot!

jgy said...

So sweet!
I'm sure you are a wonderful mom. Teaching through smiles.
Your words and photos smile as well.
Have a very happy September, thank for your inspiration.
Thanks Kari, and it was nice to meet Renee.

la ninja said...

ah, great, you give us wisdom and I give... ahem, booze, on my first c.v. :)
lovely smile indeed!

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