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Wednesday, July 8

Corner View # 11 - Music

During corner view # 11 I was vacationing down in Australia.  So my next 2 corner view posts are from Down Under.

Even though I was away I was thinking of the theme music and so was very excited I came across these guys while waiting for the ferry to take us across to the Taronga Zoo.

DSCF5725 DSC07053


Renee and I posing 

I know it’s 2 weeks late but I really wanted to share this with you all.

The group are an Australian group.  Actually indigenous Australians better know as Aboriginals and they were promoting their album and so where playing for the people passing by. 

It was so cool!  I was happy to be actually standing there and listening and watching. 

The instrument that the man sitting  down is playing is a didgeridoo

It’s different music and very distinct.  The sound of the didgeridoo and the beat of the drums are very catchy that I found myself moving my body to the rhythm. (It’s a good thing I don’t live there!!) 

(I have a video to insert – please bear with me while I figure blogger/live writer out.)

Just had to share this.  I hope you enjoy it like I did.

So here is my late post of Corner View # 11 – Music.   Staple food coming up next.

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A Captured Reflection said...

I love Sydney and walking around Circular Quay - brings back great memories.

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