2014 Snapshots

Thursday, July 30


Tanysha(that would be my 5 yr old):  okay mum I’m dressed now so could you do my hair for me please.

Me: sure.  

Tanysha: (while I’m brushing and tying) so mum do you like my hair?

Me:  Of course I do.  It’s so cute and curly.  Of course.

Tanysha: (with a smile on her face) That’s good to know because I just cut it!

Me:  You did whaaaat !!!??













Happy Day Everyone!

(thankfully it will grow back – and you really can’t tell…or can you!)

1 comment:

Jodi said...

wait wait wait had she cut it before you were brushing? You can't tell and THANK GOODNESS it always grows back. I cut off my sisters long lovely curls when we were 5 & 3. Bit of trouble there... cheers!

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