2014 Snapshots

Sunday, May 17

Market Day, Birthday Party and Hospital Visits.

The weekend was busy.  Having to be here and there and everywhere.  It’s not very often that we have a busy weekend.  We try not to over commit ourselves.  But although it was busy it was also fun.  Craft market, birthday party fun, visits to the hospital, chili contest and a church meeting. 

Highlight of the weekend, market day.  And I love a day at the Market – Thai Craft Market to be specific.  Oh the Art of Self Reliance.  There is at least one every month somewhere in Bangkok, but this one was at the ISB school.  That’s right no sitting in traffic to get to this market so it was great.  I love walking around and seeing all the wonderful things that are for sale.  So much to choose from.  My favorite, the crafts made from recycled paper.  What a wonderful way to turn what would be trash into small, colorful treasures.


 These flowers were made from recycled paper.  Aren’t they beautiful?


More products from the Craft Market.

DSC06354 DSC06390   DSC06407DSC06356DSC06380DSC06341  

Just a quick update on Dad.  He is doing well.  We visited and I’m happy to say that his chemo session is going well. The last “big session” we had (when he has to be admitted for the chemo for a couple of days) his blood pressure and blood sugar levels were so high that it caused a mild stroke.  So they are watching these things very carefully.  Other that that his spirit is high and I think he’s thankful that it’s almost over and that he’ll be heading home soon.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.

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