2014 Snapshots

Thursday, May 21

Hold that Coffee, Thank you….

It’s probably safe to say that after yesterdays corner view we’ve all had 1 cup to many!!   Whether  you made your own cup, went to your local coffee shop, stopped at a Starbucks or bought it on the side street – we got through a lot of cups.

So here is my question, especially to those who grind and make their own.  What do you do with the grounded coffee beans after all that grinding and that you’ve made your 1 or 2 cups from it.

My local Starbucks here puts all that grounded coffee beans back in the soil.


How do you dispose your Coffee grounds?


jgy said...

It's amazing to see the different attitutude at Starbucks around the world. At ours, recently I suggested that they place an empty cup with water for the stirrers so people could re-use them instead of disposing after one stir, and the woman at the counter looked at me like I was crazy!
Do they re-use tham where youare? Mabybe next time I am in starbucks I'll suggest this about the grounds...thanks for sharing.

Kari said...

that would be a great idea. It is always about learning something new huh!!
Happy Day!

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